Monday, February 15, 2010

Mike's leg...

Mike hurt his leg at work last Monday. We have seen 2 different workman comp doctor's in the last week. The first one on Monday, told him to stay off of it and keep it above the heart as much as possible. The second one on Wednesday, told him to ditch a crutch and start walking on it, to put weight on it and to use one crutch like a cane. We followed both directives, but I am not so sure that that was the best thing to do. There is now a large amount of swelling in the ankle not to mention a huge amount of blood pooling there.

He ran out of pain medication on Thursday morning, and they would not refill it for him because both doctors were out of the office on Friday. The only way to get it refilled was to go sit and wait to see another wc doctor, and we had just received 14" of snow. So he tried to be tuff, but bless his heart he was in so much pain all weekend, IBP and Tylenol just don't help the pain.

So, this morning it was off to sit and wait again at the wc clinic. He got to see the original doctor, who once again showed great concern and ordered a MRI. He stated that he feels the first x-rays were inconclusive. Now we are playing the waiting game. We have to wait for wc to approve him getting a MRI. At least the doctor gave him more pain medication, so Mike is a little more comfortable tonight.

He was suppose to go back to work tomorrow, working in the office. But he can't...he would have to climb stairs in order to get into the office. He is trying to be a good sport, but really wants to be at work. On the upside of all of the craziness...Jordan is loving having her daddy home all day.



Amy said...

That is awful! I hope he feels better soon!
I love Jordan's thumbs up picture.

A little bit of crazy.... said...

Holy Cow! The sight of that just makes me so sad for him! It really looks like a lot of pain. I hope there will be no lasting tissue damage. I'm glad he's got the spirit to want to be back doing things; that should help a lot.

Thanks for sharing the pictures and keep us updated! (when I say "us" I mean us bloggers, cuz Casey doesn't tell me squat)

Bonnie said...

Ouch! That sucks. I'm glad that Mike is such a trooper and I hope he gets better soon.

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