Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little Valentine's love...

So, Valentine's has come and gone, but I wanted to share a few things anyway. I have boxes of decorations that are somewhere in the garage from my single days and when we were first married. Then moving back to Texas when I was 6.5 months pregnant, we rented an apartment and had a baby...the decorations were forgotten. Now that we are in a house again, I have made it my goal to make old things new and have new decorations for each holiday and season...without breaking the bank. I have recently discovered that I really like Goodwill for decorating, but that is a whole other post...or 10.

I started this year off with creating for Valentine's Day. I have never really been a Valentine's Day type of gal, and have never decorated for it, not even after meeting Mike. He did ask me to marry him on Valentine's Day, at Cave Point in the frigid Wisconsin weather. (If you take a look at these pictures, imagine a few feet of snow and amazing ice cycles with the water still spraying up as it hits the wall. I wish I had taken pictures, it really is breath taking to see it like that.)

We always go out for a nice dinner and I always get flowers, this year was different with his accident. I got to spoil him, and made him this darling 6 pack of his favorite snacks for him to enjoy while he has been laid up. I found my inspiration for it here, on this cute blog. I loved all of the topiaries made of flowers, so I made one for my front door...and I LOVE it! Then I saw the subway art here, on this crafty blog. I spun a twist on it and used vinyl to make a floating frame, but then ended up adding the rose covered paper so I could use it on an easel. And the cute letters that spell LOVE, my dear friend made them and then brought them to me the day after the firemen had to break in to my house.

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A little bit of crazy.... said...

so are you ever going to tell that story about the firemen? were they at least good looking? ha, likely not but I'm curious.

thanks for passing on those creative ideas!

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