Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you ever...

Do you ever have so much going on in your life that something has to give? If you are answering "No", you are a lucky woman. I find myself with so much to do these days, that blogging has taken the back burner. I take the pictures of things that I feel are blog the firemen breaking into my home, the crafts that I have been doing and Mike's leg since his accident. But when it comes to posting I just can't find the time these days. I do however find the time to stay up to date on the blogs that I follow, and I continually ask myself...what do the homes of these women look like? Maybe like mine during craft show season?

Well, during craft show season this past year I was blessed with meeting Monica. She also has a passion for vinyl, and used to do it from her home, with the machines that I so badly want. She has recently sold her equipment....DARN! But we are going to team up together anyway...YEAH! She spent a day with me at the Arlington Peddler Show this past November, and it was the greatest. She is so knowledgeable. Having never worked on my program she was able to show me new things, that make life so much targets! It was so nice to work with her. I loved that I could get up and walk around leaving my booth in her hands.

We met up at Ikea last week, I was expressing to her the need to get my website and blog out there...with the baby coming and not knowing how I feel about the coming craft show season, I am feeling the need for changes. She offered to blog a couple days a week, can I just say that she is heaven sent. We are going to team up on other things so why not the blog as well?

So, giveaways will be happening again on the first Tuesdays, and we are tossing around the idea of a few other new things to add. Plus we will be blogging about us, our families, crafts and the things that make us who we are! I hope you enjoy the changes!


A little bit of crazy.... said...

Hey, I have noticed that your button on my page isn't linking over to your website. Is this something I need to fix or is it your code? Lemme know & I'll fix it.

How's Mike's leg anyway? That is terrible! I hope he got a blessing and he heals quickly!

Firemen breaking into your house? I haven't heard this one. I think we should do lunch sometime...even though we're both super busy!

Emily said...

i am excited to see the changes!!

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