Friday, September 2, 2011

The Park with Liam and Owen

I am LOVING this whole template thing....loving it! I so badly needed something in my life to be simplified, and so far this is defiantly working!
This week we ventured out in the 200* weather here in Texas, to meet Amy and the boys at a splash pad. Due to a water ban, that had gone into effect that morning, we found the splash to to be void of water. There was going to be no splashing that day or any other until next on to the park.

Preston and Owen chilled in their strollers while Jordan and Liam played. After a short while it was decided that a snack was needed. The crackers and juice pouches were enjoyed by all. I loved watching Jordan and Liam interact, and I found it so endearing that she was hanging on his every word!

 I love the small chubby hands and toes!

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