Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The first day, twice!

We had our first day of school last week, actually we did the first day twice! Tuesday morning was the real first morning of preschool with Mrs. Maegan, however mommy turned the alarm off after working until 2am. So our morning was rushed to say the least. Thursday morning we had a second go at it...and we were successful!

She got in the shower, let me wash her hair and then do her hair...all with no fight! Then to the kitchen we went, I tried to talk her into french toast...she was adamant about wanting cold cereal. She put her apron on, to not get her new outfit dirty.
 And out to the car we went....I tried to get a couple good pictures outside, she wasn't having it! "Mom, we are going to be late", is all I kept hearing. I finally got one smile out of her....
  Jordan is loving school, and I love that she loves it!

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